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Did you ever wonder why some homes feel so inviting and comfortable? The answer is that layout, design elements, colors, textures, and dimensions must all work together. If one part of the formula is off, rooms may go unused or may subconsciously be avoided. Unfortunately, not all architects and designers understand these more esoteric needs of human nature.

Lin Moty has an uncanny knack for creating balanced layouts and color palettes that comfort the soul and delight the eye. Because of this unique skill, Lin should be the first stop in planning a new home design or attempting a remodel. And she can pull together the team that is needed for a successful construction or remodel project.

Her more than twenty years of design projects, from cozy to stunning, attest to her ability to meet the needs of clients who want the best. Proficient in 3D layout, along with a fine arts background, Lin stands as both designer and artist, making sure the architect’s structural elements meet the artistic needs of the living spaces and that the added artistic elements enhance the space they occupy. The result is an environment that lives and breathes in harmony with the owner.


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